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Table/Card Games Rules

American Roulette


Roulette is sometimes referred to as “The Devil’s Game” because it contains the numbers 1-36 and the sum of those numbers is 666.  The creation of the game is attributed to French mathematician Blaise Pascal in the 17th Century.  Its adaptation for use in gambling dates from the mid-18th Century and Roulette has become one of the most popular casino games in the world.  American Roulette uses a wheel with 38 pockets; the numbers 1-36, 0 and 00.  Bets can be placed on single numbers or combinations of numbers; offering players the potential to win up to 35 times their bet on a wager.   

How to Play


After selecting a chip from the interface, simply click on the bet location to place a wager. The bet area on the table will show a highlight indicating where the chip(s) will be placed. Hovering over a bet position will produce a tooltip indicating the name of the bet, the odds it pays, and the amount of the current wager (if any) on that spot. For outside bets, if the chip you selected is less than the table minimum, the first click will place the table minimum amount for you.


If there are chips on the layout, clicking on this button will remove all of them.


Use the 'rebet' button to place the same wagers on the table as the previous spin. To press your bets, you may use the 'rebet' button more than once. Each additional click on the button will add the previous round's wagers to the chips that are already on the table.


When you are satisfied with the bets on the table, clicking the 'spin' button will lock in the wagers and the ball will begin its descent into the wheel.

Rebet & Spin

Use this button to place exactly the same bet as the last round and spin with one click.


This button opens the settings dialog and allows you to turn on or off the bet assist highlights and the winning number zoom on the display.


American Roulette features a 'view' button that allows you to toggle between the classic and pro-view options. All of the rules and game features remain the same regardless of which view you prefer to use.

Table Limit Sign

Moving the mouse cursor over the table limit sign produces an enlargement that shows detailed information about the table limits for the game.


American Roulette also has a feature called the ‘racetrack’; a small oval-shaped area that represents the numbers on the wheel in the order they appear.  Clicking on a racetrack number places one chip on that number, plus one chip on each of the two ‘neighbors’ on either side of that number for a 5-chip wager.


American Roulette contains an autoplay feature. Selecting autoplay from the interface allows you to instruct the game to play a selected number of rounds automatically. Additionally, you may customize and save your betting layouts for use with the autoplay feature.

Saved Bet Layouts

After placing chips on the layout, you may save the pattern and use it with the autoplay system.

Game Speed

There are three game speeds available to suit the needs of all players. The default speed is the middle one, providing a smooth playing experience with rich audio. Click on the game speed button and select a different speed at any time.

Game Messages

The area over the dealer's chip tray will display chat messages and all of the relevant game information including bet adjustments and winning hand announcements.

Balance, Paid & Bet

Your balance will be updated each time a chip is placed on the layout and each time a payout is made.

The paid amount is the sum of your winnings and any/all original bets that are returned to you.

The bet amount is the amount of wagered money placed on the layout.

Bet Types and Payouts

Inside Bets
Straight Up1 number35:1
Split2 numbers17:1
Street3 numbers11:1
Corner4 numbers8:1
Line6 numbers5:1
Outside Bets
RedPays if the winning number is red1:1
BlackPays if the winning number is black1:1
1-18Pays if the winning number is between 1 and 181:1
19-36Pays if the winning number is between 19 and 361:1
EvenPays if the winning number is even1:1
OddPays if the winning number is odd1:1
1st DozenPays if the winning number is between 1 and 122:1
2nd DozenPays if the winning number is between 13 and 242:1
3rd DozenPays if the winning number is between 25 and 362:1
1st ColumnPays if the winning number is in the 1st vertical column on the layout2:1
2nd ColumnPays if the winning number is in the 2nd vertical column on the layout2:1
3rd ColumnPays if the winning number is in the 3rd vertical column on the layout2:1

Zero Rule

Some American Roulette games in the casino include the player-favourable 'Zero Rule'.

Half of all 1:1 odds outside bets will be returned to you if the winning number is zero. Please check the table limit sign enlargement to see if the game you are playing includes this benefit.

Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys

Some players like to use their keyboard instead of their mouse wherever possible. Shortcut keys have been implemented in American Roulette. The table below lists what can be accomplished in the game without the use of your mouse.

Shortcut Key
10006same as clicking the chip on the GUI
5005same as clicking the chip on the GUI
1004same as clicking the chip on the GUI
253same as clicking the chip on the GUI
52same as clicking the chip on the GUI
11same as clicking the chip on the GUI
0.259same as clicking the chip on the GUI
0.108same as clicking the chip on the GUI
RebetRPlaces previous round's bets on table
SpinSpacebarInitiates 'Spin'
Clear BetsCRemoves bets from layout

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