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Table/Card Games Rules

Let it Ride


Let it Ride was introduced to casinos in 1993. It quickly rose through the ranks of popularity, rivaling Caribbean Stud Poker as the most popular casino poker game. The player's three cards are combined with two community cards to form a five-card poker hand. Values equal to or higher than a pair of 10's win. Additionally, of the three bets placed on the table to start the hand, the player can withdraw two of them during the course of play.

Summary of Rules

  • 1 52-card deck is used
  • Three equal bets must be placed to begin the game
  • An optional 1 bonus bet can be placed
  • The player is dealt three cards from the deck
  • The dealer is dealt two cards from the deck
  • Standard five-card poker hand rankings are used in the game (see table below)
  • The player must pull their first bet off the table or let it ride
  • The dealer will reveal one of the house's cards
  • The player must pull their second bet off the table or let it ride
  • The dealer will reveal the house's final card
  • Combine the player's three cards with the dealer's two cards to make a poker hand
  • If the poker hand is a pair of 10's or higher, the player wins according to the paytable (see below)
  • If the player placed a bonus bet, it will be paid according to paytable

How to Play


Chip values are displayed on the interface. Click on a chip to 'attach' it to the mouse pointer and click on the betting circle to place a wager. Repeat this process as many times and with as many different chips as needed to make up the desired wager.

Click on the flashing circle to place an optional 1 bet that will enable payouts for the bonus bet.

Click on the 'deal' button to begin the hand.

Pull Bet

After the cards are dealt, the first of the three wagers can be removed by the player by selecting 'pull bet'. After the dealer reveals the first additional card, the player can remove the second of the three wagers. Only the wagers remaining on the table at the end of the hand are at risk or are eligible to win. There is no option to pull the third and final wager.

Let it Ride

Selecting 'let it ride' will leave the player's wager on the table. Remember that a pair of 10's or higher will always be paid. Use that information to help make the pull bet/let it ride decisions.

The house's cards are combined with the player's cards to create a (hopefully) winning combination. After the dealer reveals both of the house's cards, the player's three cards are combined with the house's cards to make a five-card poker hand. Each of the player's remaining bets will be paid according to the table below. It is important to remember that the player is not competing against the dealer in Let it Ride.


Bonus Payout
One Pair - 10's or Better 1 to 1  
Two Pairs 2 to 1  
Three of a Kind 3 to 1 5
Straight 5 to 1 25
Flush 8 to 1 50
Full House 11 to 1 200
Four of a Kind 50 to 1 400
Straight Flush 200 to 1 3,000
Royal Flush 1000 to 1 30,000

Note: The maximum payout is limited to 50,000 per hand


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