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Table/Card Games Rules

Caribbean Stud Poker


Caribbean Stud Poker is based on standard five card stud poker hand values was the first of many casino poker games now available in casinos worldwide.  The game features a progressive jackpot that begins at 100,000.  A Royal Flush wins the entire jackpot while awards of 50.00 up to 10% of the jackpot are paid out to progressive bettors holding a flush, full house, four of a kind, or a straight flush.

Rules for the game and descriptions of game features are provided below to make the game easier and more enjoyable to play.

Game Rules

One standard 52-card deck is used for each game round 
  • Play 1 hand only
  • Place an ante wager
  • (Optionally) place a 1.00 progressive wager to enable jackpot payouts
  • After viewing the cards, choose to continue the hand with a ‘bet’ of 2x the ante or fold 
  • The dealer qualifies with Ace-King or higher
  • If the dealer doesn’t qualify, hands that were not folded are paid even money on their ante and the ‘bet’ portion of the wager receives no action
  • If the dealer qualifies, player hands are compared to the dealer’s hand 
  • If the player wins, the ante bet is paid even money and the ‘bet’ wager is paid according to a schedule of odds 
  • If the dealer does not qualify, the player may still win a progressive award providing the hand was not folded 
  • If the dealer qualifies and beats (or pushes) the player’s hand, the player is still eligible to win a progressive award 

Hand Rankings

The hand rankings in Caribbean Stud Poker are standard poker rankings, listed from lowest to highest in the table below:

Nothing A hand with five unmatched cards A-Q-7-3-2
One Pair Two cards with the same rank A-A-J-9-6
Two Pairs Two groups of two cards with the same rank A-A-9-9-7
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same rank A-A-A-4-2
Straight Five cards in consecutive order (not of the same suit) A-2-3-4-5 (suited)
Flush Five cards of the same suit (example: all hearts) A-J-9-6-5
Full House Three of a kind and a pair A-A-A-J-J
Four of a Kind Four cards with the same rank A-A-A-A-2
Straight Flush A straight with all cards of the same suit 3-4-5-6-7 (suited)
Royal Flush Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit 10-J-Q-K-A (suited)

How to Play


  • Chips values are displayed on the interface
  • Click on the value of the chip you wish to use
  • The chip will ‘attach’ itself to your mouse cursor
  • If you select a chip that is less than the table minimum, the first click will place the minimum bet on the table
  • Each time you click on the ante area, a chip of that value will be placed on the table
  • To place a progressive wager, click on the flashing coin slot and a 1.00 bet will be placed regardless of the chip value attached to the cursor


  • If there is no bet on the table, the deal button will not be available
  • After you have placed a bet, the re-bet & deal button will be replaced by the deal button
  • Clicking on ‘deal’ will accept your bet and begin dealing the cards


  • On your second and subsequent hands, the re-bet button will be activated
  • Selecting re-bet will place the same wagers on the table that you made on the previous round
  • You may select re-bet more than once
  • Each additional click presses your bet
  • When you are ready to play, click on ‘deal’ to continue

Rebet & Deal

  • On your second and subsequent hands, there is a Re-bet & Deal button
  • If you wish to place the exact same wager on the following hand, use this button to begin the game round with one click
  • After placing chips on the layout by any other means, this button will be replaced by the Deal button and you will be able to start the game round by clicking it when ready

Clear Bets

  • If you wish to remove all of your chips from the table, click on the ‘clear bets’ button
  • Your chips will be removed from the table and you may start the betting process again

Game Speed

  • There are three game speeds available to suit the needs of all players.  The default speed is the middle one, providing a smooth playing experience with rich audio.  Click on the game speed button and select a different speed at any time. 


  • Player warnings can be turned off or on from the settings menu
  • You may instruct the system to always place your progressive bet for each hand from within the settings menu

Balance, Paid & Bet

  • Your balance will be updated each time a chip is placed on the layout and each time a payout is made.
  • The paid amount is the sum of your winnings and any/all original bets that are returned to you.
  • The bet amount is the amount of wagered money placed on the layout.

Game Actions

  • Once the cards have been dealt, the dealer will want to know whether you wish to fold or bet


  • Choosing ‘bet’ will place 2x the ante in the ‘play’ area of the layout and allow you to continue the hand


  • Choosing ‘fold’ will surrender your bet and cards, ending your participation in the hand

Game Features

Many exciting and helpful features have been added to Caribbean Stud Poker to enhance your gameplay.  The information below should be helpful in allowing you to get the most out of your experience.    

Strategy Warnings

  • To protect your interests, the dealer will ask for confirmation if the hand action you select may have been a mouse-click error
  • Strategy warnings can be turned off through the settings button in the game
  • Warnings are provided when you attempt to fold with Ace-King or higher
  • Warnings are provided when you attempt to fold a hand that is eligible for a progressive award


Auto-Betting allows you to tell the game your bet for each game round and it will automatically be placed for you.  There are three types of Auto-betting:

  • The same bet will be placed for each game round (fixed)
  • A recurring pattern of bet amounts can be set up (pattern)
  • The game can increase or decrease your next bet based on the results of the previous hand (conditional)

Bet Limits

There is a bet limit sign on the table that shows the minimum and maximum bet allowed per wagering position.  Mousing over the table limit sign will provide an enlargement containing a summary of rules and information about the game.

Game Messages

The area over the dealer’s chip tray will display all of the relevant game information including bet adjustments and winning hand announcements.


Some players like to use their keyboard instead of their mouse wherever possible. As an aide to the players, a lengthy list of shortcut keys is implemented in Blackjack. The table below lists what can be accomplished in the game without the use of your mouse.

1000 6 same as clicking the chip on the GUI
500 5 same as clicking the chip on the GUI
100 4 same as clicking the chip on the GUI
25 3 same as clicking the chip on the GUI
5 2 same as clicking the chip on the GUI
1 1 same as clicking the chip on the GUI
0.50 9 same as clicking the chip on the GUI
0.10 8 same as clicking the chip on the GUI
Rebet R Places previous round’s bets on table
Rebet & Deal X Places previous round’s bets on table and deals with one step
Deal Spacebar Initiates ‘Deal’
Clear Bets C Removes bets from layout
Sit Out O Invokes sit out function
I'm Back O Return to active state from sit out
Progressive Bet Placement B
Bet B
Fold F
Reduce chip on ante bet Mouse wheel down When mouse is over an active betting area
Add chip to ante bet Mouse wheel up When mouse is over an active betting area

Enhanced Audio

All-new audio has been included in Blackjack for your enjoyment. Feel the excitement as your dealer wishes you luck, announces your score, and describes the results. On the fastest game speed setting, some of the audio will automatically shut off.


The paytable below shows the value of each hand in Caribbean Stud Poker.
  • A winning ante bet is always paid 1:1
  • The Payout odds listed below refer to the odds paid on the ‘bet’ portion of the wager if the dealer qualifies and the player’s hand wins
  • The amounts in brackets refer to the progressive payout award that is enabled by placing a 1.00 progressive bet prior to the start of the hand
One Pair
Two Pair
Three of a Kind 3:1
Straight 4:1
Flush 5:1 (+50)
Full House 7:1 (+100)
Four of a Kind 20:1 (+500)
Straight Flush 50:1 (10% Jackpot)
Royal Flush
200:1 (100% Jackpot)

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