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Frequents Asked Questions

Game Fairness

How do you determine which cards are drawn (dice thrown, numbers selected, etc.) for the games?

The most important part of an online casino is a specially designed program called the random number generator . This is the program that generates a sequence of numbers which correspond to various card types, dice throws, etc. A good random number generator will produce numbers that are:

  • evenly distributed and not correlated
  • unpredictable

If a random number generator is evenly distributed and not correlated, each number will be hit approximately the same number of times after a large number of runs. If a random number generator is unpredictable, you will not be able to predict the next number in a series no matter how many previously generated numbers you have studied.

In the Online mode of BetJacks Casino, the random numbers are generated by our Unix gaming server while in Practice Mode they are generated using the standard Windows random number generator on your computer.

What is the seed?

The seed of a random number generator is the initial point from which a sequence of numbers start. To ensure that a sequence or numbers will not repeat itself if we restart the gaming server, the seed is calculated using as many external factors as possible (e.g. the time of day, system settings, network activity, and many more).

How do you prove your random number generator is unbiased?

The randomness of our random number generator is tested by comparing a very long sequence of generated numbers to various statistical distributions. If any of these tests are found to be outside theoretical limits, the random number generator is not used. The current version of the random number generator was tested (and is continually tested) using a sequence of 300,000,000 (three hundred million) numbers to verify its randomness.

Can benefit from a biased random number generator?

Absolutely not. If our random number generator is biased in any way, players may be able to track it and use it to their advantage. Almost any casino game can be turned against the house if the numbers are biased. With such excellent communication tools as the Internet, expert players could discover the bias and spread the word which would bankrupt the casino. Therefore, it is in our best interest to make our random number generator as unbiased as possible.

Is there any strategy implemented in the games?

There is no strategy implemented in the games apart from the noted rules and exceptions described in our help files.

How do you test your games?

Each game undergoes extensive testing. First, we imitate all possible situations and determine whether the rules are obeyed, payouts are properly paid, etc. Then the random number generator is added and tests are run with automated agents. For games which involve strategy (Video Poker, Blackjack, etc.), the optimal strategy is implemented, and for games of chance (Red Dog, baccarat etc.) a random bet choice is implemented. Depending on the game, between 1 million and 10 million bets are run. If the frequency of winning combinations and general payouts are within expectations, the game is passed to a Quality Assurance team of engineers who play that game to ensure its flawless play.

All games are tested on the real gaming server. Only when a game passes these tests will it be available to play. We are also updating the application as real clients (you!) start to use it. At the present time, we are gathering the statistics of all games and now have, for example, more than 60,000,000 Blackjack games catalogued.

Can there be bugs in the software?

Nothing is flawless. This is why we have 24 hour phone and e-mail support. If you have any concern about the rules, implementation, or consistency of any online casino game at, please contact our support team . If the problem cannot be immediately solved, the case will be investigated using the game logs of the server and if something is found to be wrong, our development team will assess the problem and fix it.

What happens if I lose money due to a bug?

If our investigation reveals that you have lost funds due to a bug in the software, those losses will be immediately refunded.

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