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Instant Play Poker - No Download Needed


Introducing another way to play on BetJacks Poker - instantly - No download necessary!

Rather than installing the poker software on your computer, you now have the choice to instantly play with our Flash-based non-download poker software.

Just click on the Instant-Play Launch Buttons, log in, and you're away!

Benefits of Flash

You can now play poker in your browser on any PC, Mac or Linux computer - even on computers where you do not have the admin rights to install software, like at an Internet café or when using someone else's computer.

Flash uses vector graphics which provide the full graphical richness of the download poker software, without a bulky download. With vector graphics you also have the ability to resize the poker table to any size you like - you can even play on a poker table the full size of your monitor without any degradation in graphics quality.

Who will benefit?

  • Mac/Linux users
  • Internet café users
  • Players who have difficulty installing new software
  • Players who do not want to install new software
  • The "instant gratification" generation - must play now! No waiting!
Instant-Play vs. Download poker software Instant-Play Download
Instant access from any computer Y N
Less hassle since there's no download or installation process Y N
Runs on a Mac Y N
Runs on a computer without admin rights Y N
Full Resizability Y N
Hand histories N Y

>> Click HERE NOW to play instantly!

Betjacks Support

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You can contact us via phone, fax, or email.

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We try to reply all email quries within 4 hours. Also check our FAQs section.

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