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Promotion Winners

2007 12 Days Of Xmas

CONGRATULATIONS to our 60 winners who each had a surprise visit from Santa who dropped 5 into their accounts: cbec, cloughie, 3meleks, susie666, jojorose, teaser276, burtiebassett, caarthur, jemm62, gessum1, katy1234, bigdee100, staps67, murran, lorrnoluck, geri25, becca21, MarLos, wabbit47, ineedabreak40, bundle2, wmartin, bats, lylepat, h1947, sammyt1, JAMA, Harri7, andrac, gail148, blueband2, milkbubble, chel1, janet1961, joyce52, bigbird76, poetess, ivylove32, wabbit47, blueboy55, itchy42, buggy2, sun41ower, julia4777, wheatfree01, polly1952, stalou666, lizbeth, apfel123, sabre56, clairegiles, tongy664, carole55, geri25, blue100, janet1961, itsallmine59, morgans6140, hopeful47, b1475.

2007 New Years Eve + 5 Champagne Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to "ferriman34" who will be spending 2 nights in one of the Cotswold's best hotels. She had this to say: "I am over the moon to have won this fantastic prize. I look forward to New Year even more than usual. I will let you know all about it when I get back. Thanks again." Congrats also to our 5 Champagne winners: "irishgal", "ferriman34", "hollygreen", "KymR" and "ferriman3434"!

Upon her return from the luxury hotel, "ferriman34" had this to say: "I had a great two days at the Bear at Rodborough. Lovely hotel, great food and far too much alcohol!"

2007 Xmas Comes Early

CONGRATULATIONS "janiebaynie", "shelly837", "nannyjenny", "eliza59", "lenny100", "jennywinner", "marisol123", "susie666", "domino66", "karlabear", "nannyjenny", "marapa747", "liz1956", "andy2311", "3meleks", "lenny100", "clairegiles", "patbarnes", "gf1" and "debbymcginn1971" who each won various prizes including underwater Digital Camera, Chocolate Fountains, I-Pods and Amazon Gift Vouchers having had the most bingos on the Special Letter X pattern. Christmas really DOES come early here!

2007 Guy Fawkes

CONGRATULATIONS "nannyjenny", "liz1956", "shysters", "daisymum", "gf1", "angelsing", "chingobingo", "jai07", "luckyduckee" and "want2winal" who each won 20 CASH into their account having had the most combined bingos on the Letters B and F on Monday 5th November.

2007 Gym'll Fix It

CONGRATULATIONS to "nannyjenny" who was drawn as the lucky winner and receives 300 CASH!!! Congrats also to the 5 runners-up who each receive an exercise ball: lyntime, Clark53, STAFFIE13, plsletitbeme and patbarnes.

2007 Bingo Cruise

CONGRATULATIONS to "keldunny" who joins Chica and Carol on board a Cruise around the Caribbean!!! She said: "I was so delighted when I won this cruise I just cant belive it. I have never won anything in my life it's just amazing - thanks.

2007 Back To School

CONGRATULATIONS to "lenny100" who received a top-of-the-range Dell Laptop!!! He said: "Thank you very much what a prize I can't believe it there will be no more arguements in my house now cos we will have 1 each and I can play when I want now thanx again.

2007 Champagne Supernova

CONGRATULATIONS to "grandie", "stellalil", "mi009", "tween", "bettyboop38", "ferriman34", "lenny100", "thankusarah", "want2winal", "bottlebluehead" who each received a quality bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne!!!

2007 Father's Day

CONGRATULATIONS to "debi1234" who won a Football Stadium tour for two of her choice!!! She said: "First can I say woooooooohooooooooooooo, tyvm xxxxx. "My husband has been desperate to go to the Emirates Stadium with my son (the new Arsenal ground) and you have just made their dreams come true. "I hope it is ok if they go as I am disabled and it would be alot of hassle for me. "Also it means I get to play bingo in peace so that's fantastic rofl. -"tyvm xxx."

2007 May Gardening Month

CONGRATULATIONS to "staps67" who won the luxury swinging garden seat for two!!! Congratulations also to our 5 runner-ups "karlabear", "misterpiggy", "grandie", "remy666" and "LOTTIECASH" who each receive a ceramic solar sphere lantern.

2007 Tuscany Holiday

CONGRATULATIONS to "dietlard" who won the holiday of a lifetime to Tuscany with 3 friends!!!

2007 St George's Day

CONGRATULATIONS to "remy666" who won his and hers England football shirts!

2007 Mothers Day Promo

CONGRATULATIONS to "ivegottowin", "nannyjenny", "redvenus", "justkrystal" and "tobysnana" who each received 25 CASH into their bingo accounts!

2007 10,000 Mortgage Promo

CONGRATULATIONS to "morgans6140" who was drawn as the winner of 10,000 in our Mortgage Promo! Here's what she has to say: "OMG thank you so much it's a dream come true, I can't stop running round the house screaming!"

2006 New Years Eve

CONGRATULATIONS to "milkbubble". Well what can I say about the Castle? I could go on and on about it.... It was absolutely beautiful, the room was massive and a bottle of champagne was delivered to us when we arrived. The food was out of this world- I didn't even know you could have 7 courses!! The people there were very friendly and we just enjoyed ourselves immensley- we're even thinking of saving up all
year and going back next year! I thought I was going to be spending New Years in front of the TV in my pyjamas- so the trip was the most fantastic surprise. It was probably the best weekend of my life, I didn't want to leave. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in organizing the trip and thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity. Thank you again - milkbubble

2006 Bingo Cruise

CONGRATULATIONS to "tongy664". "I can't describe how excited I am about winning this cruise trip, I've won weekend promos before but nothing like this! I 've only been on the site for less than a year but can't wait to meet Chica and wear my boots to get her back! It looks amazing and am looking forward to the whole experience of a trip of a lifetime."

2006 Theme Park Promo

CONGRATULATIONS to "xcaniwinplzx" and "trudi1966" who won this promotion. Both players won a family day out for 4 to Alton Towers Theme Park with #Bratt4bingo#! About their wins, they said: "xcaniwinplzx" - "Thanks for the tickets for Alton Towers. I have 2 boys who are over the moon and we would love to meet bratt and the other familes for a nice day out. Thanks very very much. "trudi1966" - "I am delighted to accept the trip to Alton Towers - thank you so much."

2006 Father's Day

CONGRATULATIONS to "statler" and "TAZMANTEZ" who won this promotion. Both players win a 50 buck gift voucher to spend at online store boystoys! About their wins, they said: "Statler" - "I really enjoy your site and look forward to winning many more prizes!" "TAZMANTEZ" - "I am so pleased and very grateful to you all. Thank you so much"


CONGRATULATIONS to "Fieryone" who came first and won 100 bucks in free bets! Other winners and the free bet prizes were: "FLOPPER" (50 bucks), "irishgal" (30 bucks), "molly66" (10 bucks), "sassysaz123" (10 bucks), "jackie26" (10 bucks), "marcol" (10 bucks), "jackpotjones" (10 bucks), "iwantatoyboy" (10 bucks), "ghost1969" (10 bucks).

About his win, "Fieryone" had this to say:
"I am a football fan, so this bet has given me an additional reason to follow the World Cup competition closely - It is absolutely fantastic - thank you ever so much!"


CONGRATULATIONS to "sarahsean" who won 2 VIP tickets to the Grand National!

Valentines 2006

who won a weekend in a stunning romantic getaway on the Scottish borders, after "2poor2play" unfortunately had to pull out at the last minute. Five runners-up each receive quality chocolates: "toni48", "Andybaby", "Mermaid76", "molly66", "2poor2play".

Valentines 2006

"Wow what can I say other than a great big thank you for the most enjoyable time I have had in ages. We had a wonderful time and were treated like royalty by both tg and phant and the hotel staff. The hotel was an excellent choice of venue so relaxing just what the doctor ordered rofl. I dont remember laughing so much for such along time. I just hope we didn't wear them out too much we are still suffering with sore ribs through laughing. Only person missing was Chica - make sure you come over for the next one pls. Once again thanks for the opportunity of this experience. Lots of love hugs and kisses, lizbeth xxxx"

"Lizbeth" took her sister "Tottifallol" who had this to say:

"I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic weekend we had in Scotland.
It was a great opportunity, to get to know the chat hosts and to put faces to names and can honestly say that I was really excited. They both put in a lot of effort into the weekend to ensure our comfort and make it such a memorable time for us. I think promotions like this are a good way for members to meet the hosts and truly feel part of a wider family of bingo. I have made so many friends on this site and look forward to making many more. Tottifallol (the old good looking one)!"


CONGRATULATIONS to our winner: "JACKIE2659"
who spends three nights in a luxury hotel with popular CM's "GMA" and "Mary"
"I was so surprised to hear I had won and I am incredibly excited to spend New Years in Blackpool with "GMA" and "Mary"!!!".


CONGRATULATIONS to our three cash winners: "SAPPHIRE5" (150), "JACKIE2659" (150) and "MRSSIRAN" (50)


CONGRATULATIONS to "julieannebarke".
"Many thanks for organising this trip - you have made an old lady very happy...I have never had a holiday in my life and this trip is very special to me".


"Thank you so much for the cruise. It was one of the best holidays Tony and I have ever had. After the initial shock of Chica's phone call and making her wait a couple of hours while Tony and I tried to sort out holidays with work we were so excited.
"The cruise was wonderful, the scenery spectacular from the five whales swimming near the ship to the glacier, the places we visited were amazing and somewhere I never thought I would travel to.
"TG and Chica (once you look passed the warts and the enormous feet) were really nice and lovely company!
"I can't wait for next year's cruise games. Let me know the date Chica so that I pre-book my holidays at work and not keep you waiting for a reply!"


who will be getting dresses to impress at the UK Premier of Shall We Dance.


Who Will be Sitting on Centre Court at The Wimbledon Ladies Final 2005! What "terri12" Had To Say: "I am delighted to have won, and I am sure I will be having an amazing day, thank you so much!"


1st Prize of a Relaxing Spa Day - "briggs"
2nd Prize of Revlon Pamper Pack goes to "etta48"
3rd Prize of a Hinari Gift Set goes to "nannyluvs2win"


Winner was dippy and she won the 200 Dinner Voucher



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