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BetJacks Bingo Testimonials

"I have never won anything like that in my life! I lost my job last month so it will come in very handy and keep me going for a while. I love BetJacks Bingo so much - everyone is so nice and friendly! Thank you so much."
- Anjaes (winning £1,234.10 in the Progressive Jackpot)

"OMG it was amazing. I was playing the super slots at the time, when the balance went up I screamed for joy. Thx so much to you all. This is the best site ever."
- tracie1970 (winning £549.73 in the Progressive Jackpot)

"I started to shake when my number was called as it is such an amazing feeling. It took me ages to calm down. I would like to thank everyone for such a friendly site and for the lovely chat hosts."
- Snowman (winning £1,500 in a Friday £1M Coverall)

"I am back! Had a great time and thought I must thank you for allowing me such an opportunity - but I could have spent the time polishing my own boots not Chicas! Joking! As for the photos well Chica is one shady lady and I believe her expression was something along the lines of hell will freeze over before you get photos of me in a bathing suit! Great big thumbs up to you all for allowing tongy and I a great holiday - thanks. PS can I go next year but without the dragon lady woops Chica lol"
- Cloughie (returning from 2006 Bingo Cruise)

"WOW thank you all very much just luv this site might be able to retire soon lol xxx."

"You have a very good site and your staff are so helpfull. I have been on others but they aren't a patch on yours."
- rydi1935

"This is really the best place to play, I have played at so many sites, and BetJacks Bingo is the most fun, the most friendliest Chat hosts, they are so great, and the players always have kind words and warm welcome. And it's GREAT to win , and thats easy here!!! Thanks BetJacks Bingo!!"
- auntlu

"Great place to play excellent Chat hosts, Chat Games are Great! Excellent Jackpots with Super min. payouts! Superb bonuses on deposits, I give this site a 10+"
- DollarsandCents

"What can I say about this site.....It is the best Bingo site on the web. The CM's are fantastic, the roomies are always friendly and no rudeness is allowed. It's like being part of an international bingo family. I love it - thank you."
- brom100

"I've tried the rest...and this is the best place for on-line payouts, great fun with the CM's,and the players are so nice....I love it ! It's so easy to win!"
- rainbow5

"I love playing on BetJacks Bingo, not just for the wins but also the other roomies are great, even tho' i don't always go into chat, they are always friendly, and are happy when a player is on a roll. The CM's are wonderful, always full of chat and keeping thing lively. Each time I have had to use the help room, the guys in there have sorted things out for me soooo quickly, it was great. I have played on other sites, but I can honesty say that BetJacks Bingo is THE BEST. There is only one thing i dislike and that is running out of money lol."
- windymiller


"I enjoy playing on the site, and find all the CM's very nice, and I enjoy the chat. I think the promotions you do are very good, and I have been very lucky to win some of them. I hope to be playing in the distant future."
- jackie26

"Hi, I just wanted to let the powers that be at BetJacks Bingo know what a wonderful site you have. I joined back in October last year and have not been tempted to stray, being that I enjoy myself so much whilst playing on your site, I don't feel the need to look elsewhere. I have found all of the cm's to be very professional and above all else, very friendly and welcoming. When I have had occasion to ask any of them a question, they always answer me straight away and if they do not know the answer they find it out for me, what more can you ask for. Your site is one of the friendliest I have ever played on and I feel like part of a huge bingo family, all my fellow players are friendly and always ask how each other are and they truly care. Another point I would like to make is that the chat in all chat rooms is always clean and allows me to allow my son to watch me play bingo which he enjoys. So in closing I will say please keep up the good work and please thank all your cm's for their fantastic work and I look forward to many years playing at your site. Kind Regards"
- Stodgily

"BetJacks Bingo is a good bingo site; friendly CM's and the payouts are good. Thankyou".
- Jubilee

"This site has the best chatrooms around, with many people making real life-time friends with the players they meet there. The chat hosts are always friendly and helpful, the payouts are instant and the bonuses and loyalty points are plentiful. A truly outstanding site, which is easy to access, unlike many other sites I have tried."
- Cashbox

"I just wanted to say what a great and friendly site BetJacks Bingo is and the CM's are all fabulous. I enjoy chatting to all the different people oh and of course winning some money. YEAH WOOOHOOO".
- barnesy

"I have visited many sites, some good and some not so good, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. With JP games upto 1,000,000 pound and many more big prizes, there is no better place to play bingo and instant games. I find the CM's the best in the business, more like friends than hosts, always very helpful too. Roomies are always friendly and welcome new players. Lots of promotions from chocs, flowers through to cruises. Chat games played too, and 1000 free points to try the site which = 1 pound. Once you have tried this site you will not want to go elsewhere."
- sugarandspice

"I think BetJacks Bingo is a great site. It has a choice of 4 rooms, one of which is mainly cheaper games, for when I'm a bit short of cash. It has a friendly atmosphere, good chat games, a progressive jackpot, what more could you ask for? I even got a xmas card with free bingo cash! Wow, thanks for that. Can't think of any negatives, other than a few more wins wouldn't go a miss! lol".
- lam

"I love BetJacks Bingo and am totally addicted..not just the bingo but the people on here. If I'm a bit down there is always someone to have a giggle with, though of course winning is an added bonus. The chat hosts are second to none and lovely people who are really pleased to see us..they have become great friends. Now, what I dislike..mmmmmmmmm...Absolutely nothing.. love it xx".
- b52