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Terms for the £1,000,000 Coverall Jackpots

  • Players must have funded their account with a purchase.
  • Players must purchase a minimum of 5 cards for the game, each card costing £1.
  • Card purchases will close 30 seconds before the game begins.
  • Where there is more than 1 winning card, the jackpot will be split equally among the winning cards.
  • The winner agrees to the use of their alias and photograph being used for any promotional activity the website may do.
  • The jackpot will be paid out to the winner(s) according to the tables here .

Should the Jackpot be won on or under 45 calls, the winning amount will be paid out to the winners as per the table below.

Jackpot Amount Yearly Amount Number of Years
£1,000,000 £33,333.33 30
£500,000 £16,666.67 30
£250,000 £8,333.33 30
£125,000 £8,333.33 15
£75,000 £7,500 10
£35,000 £7,000 5

The first payment will be made 14 days after the prize has been won, after which each payment will be made in the first month of the following year.