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All promotions are valid from the 28th - 31st August 2009

(winners will be notified and credited on Tuesday 1st September after the UK bank holiday)


This weekend we are giving away 2 Breadmakers! With it's compact design, sleek features, and 12 different settings including cake and jam making options, you'll be the envy of friends and family for your home baked goodies!



2 lucky players who bingo on the letter "B" this weekend will win one of these fantastic prizes. GL!

Congratulations to "ditto", "77smudge77", and "mes22" who each won an Oral-B Electric Toothbrush last week! WTG!

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£400 Cash and 100,000 points up for grabs in our back to school promo - Click here for details!

THE WHEEL DEAL 90-Ball Pre-Buy
£500 in Guaranteed Jackpots Every Tuesday!

Every Tuesday at 10:45pm you have the chance of winning guaranteed cash prizes of between £50 and £300 for as little as a £1 pre-buy ticket!

Just click on the 90-Ball Pre-Buy tab in the Bingo Lobby to purchase your tickets.

See below for some of our Wheel Deal Winners so far...

Moonsunshine"     won £300
"                   won £300
          won £300
     won £300
"daiphoenix"        won £300
"bubblysmiler09"  won


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Get your 90-Ball Pre-Buy tickets today!
We have 5 new 90 ball pre-buy rooms available every day starting at 7:30pm! Buy up to 48 tickets per game for just 10p and you could land yourself a guaranteed £50 jackpot -WTG!


'Bingo Pays the Bills' Promo
One more weekend left of our 'Bingo Pays the Bills' Promo is for August - watch out for the GAS, WATER and ELECTRICITY patterns!!!!


Treasure Trove
@ 9.45pm. Buy your cards now, Below are two of our 42" Flatscreen TV winners:


"omggizawin" had this to say:
"Thank you so much i was really excited and shocked at winning the tv."

"pitstoppitstop" had this to say:
"Omg i won the T.V lol. Thank you very much for all your congratulations, the T.V is fab as you can see xxxx. Think i might win the laptop this week lol."

Centenary Club
Centenary club has a fixed daily jackpot of £100. Games every day @ 8.45pm. Buy your cards now, see the bottom of the page for some of our previous winners!

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Pre-buy tickets for out £1M Coverall Games!
We are thrilled to announce that you can now buy tickets in advance for each of our three £1M Coverall games which take place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday...

Happy Hour...
Its Happy Hour every Monday between 4-6pm where we are giving away DOUBLE LOYALTY POINTS for all chat game wins...

Free Points
Every time you buy bingo cards we give you free loyalty points!!

5p cards - get 1 point per card
10p cards - get 1 point per card
25p cards - get 2 points per card
50p cards - get 5 points per card
1 cards - get 10 points per card

Remember - 1000pts redeemed equals £1

Deposit Bonuses!
Don't forget, we offer a 50% bonus on all deposits between £20 and £100, unless of course it's your first deposit, in which case you could be in for a 100% bonus! See the website for details!

Click here
for all current promotions.

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With over 40 funky instant games and slot machines to choose from, including some of the newest games on the net, this is your chance to win big...

Games include: Instant wins, slots, super slots, scratch cards and table games...

Check out some of last weeks biggest single instant game wins:

"hermione"            won 2,000
"jewad"                 won
"toondave777"      won
"fluffypuppy123"    won
"daiphoenix"         won

Join the list of big cash winners now!

Click here to play any of our non-download instant games while you play bingo and win big!!!

Games include: Instant wins, slots, super slots, scratchcards and table games...

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The player to play the most games over the weekend gets £200 (in pts)!

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The player who gets the most BINGOS on the Heart Pattern over the weekend gets £100 (in pts)!

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I was feeling kinda down when all of a sudden I saw something out of the corner of my my sweet surprise it was my balance jumping $500. My heart was just pounding I could hardly contain the excitement.

I really enjoy the site and the people on this site. You are all so friendly. To those who haven't won yet just keep the faith if it happened to me it could happen to you. Just stay positive and have fun!!! hugs to all my bingo buddies.

"BingoMamaCita" on her win in last Friday's 10,000 coverall game!

Thank you to everyone who sent in a quote this week, we really appreciate them! Don't forget you can earn yourself 1000 points if you email us with a quote that we choose as our best of the week, and 5000 if you include a photo!

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August's Team Bingo competition is in full swing, here are the current standings:

1. All- Or- Nothing
2. The Bizz
3. William's Witches
4. dabbingforawin
5. lennysdolls
6. theluckybods
7. Inchy's Pride
8. catch-us-if-you-can
9. minisminxs
10.The Happyheads

Prizes are won right down to the 10th placed finishing team. Check out the site for the latest full table...

Check out the latest league here

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A methodical approach is required this week; you may be tempted to rush into a big decision, but considering your options carefully will really pay off!

30 players who bingo on the #18 will get 5000pts each.

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Time to score on 34! All players who bingo on lucky #9 this weekend share in £1000 (in pts)

Note: 90-Ball games do not count towards the Lucky Jar.

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Which singer was sentenced this week for assaulting his former girlfriend and pop star Rihanna?

We would like the full name please.

Click here to send us your answer.

All correct entries will be entered into the draw for 25,000 FREE Points!!!

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Don't forget this weekend is packed with Coveralls! Our 1,000,000 Coverall runs at 22:00 BST on Friday and on Saturday at 21.30 BST.


Plus on Saturday and Sunday our 5,000 Coverall runs at 22:00 BST.

Click here for full Coverall Schedule

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Join our CMs for Chat Games with the popular games High 5, Upstairs Buddy and many more...

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Testimonials - See below for some of our £100 Jackpot Winners and members of the Centenary Club!

"sunnydelight" "I was playing bingo in cloud nine when some1 came in and told me I had won a share in the 100 I was over the moon thank you"

"griffin14" "I was so pleased to log into my Bingo account on the Wednesday morning to see 100 added to my balance, it was an extremely pleasant surprise! I love the site and have been doing pretty well this week, in Bingo and on the slots, so I may be biased, lol!"

"BingoMamaCita" "Thank you for your kind email. I was logging on to play some bingo when I noticed a huge increase in my balance. I couldn't figure out what happened at first lol... I was very excited, shocked, and couldn't wait to tell everyone!! Thank you - I love this site."

"Mistwitch" "Thank you for your email. It was a lovely surprise when I found out i'd won! I didn't know until after the event as I wasn't online during the game. Any chance of a replay?! Lol x"

"MyNumberzRup" "Woooooooooooohooooooooooooo lol. That just about sums up how I felt lol. I was amazed. I had jokingly said to my daughter "oh well let me log in and see the 100 on my balance lol", and then I did woohoooo. It still makes me smile now :) Sooo many players and just me the winner, how lucky I am. I love playing bingo and will do so for a couple more days now lol. It just goes to show that anybody can win it. It couldn't have come at a better time - my son will be 13 yrs old on Monday 21st, so this will go towards his party ....... Many Thanks :)"

"xmurphyx": "When I won the first time I just thought how lucky out of all them players and then when I won a second time I couldn't believe it it just goes to show the games can be won by anyone regardless of the amount of players tyvm yr site is the best xxx"

"mule": "I was absolutely thrilled I'd won. I didn't even know for a few days as I hadn't logged on so what a surprise I got!!!!!"

"confused5": "THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH". I couldn't believe it when I looked at my balance and saw it had gone up 100 I forgot that I had pre-bought tickets. My first reaction Oh My I have been given someone else's money. When I checked my games played and saw my win I was over the moon. I am going to a Charity Summer Ball and I am going to use the money to buy myself a ball dress (very appropriate don't you think). I will send you a photo of me in my dress."

"ImWithStupid": "Thanks for all the congrats!! Muchus Gracious..... Never knew I had won till me balance went up as I wasnt watching, so it was a very nice suprise indeedy when i found out what game it was. Thanks to all & Good Luck in Next Game xxx"

"necrodeathhead1" "Wow, Thank you. I only joined a few days ago and I absolutely love the site. I was quite shocked to see the e-mail saying I had joined the Centenary Club. The money will go towards a new camera that I`m saving up for. I take landscape photos as a hobby and I have been looking to upgrade to a DSLR. Everyone has been great since I signed up and the chat games are very easy and fair for everyone to win."

"dizim": "Thanks so much for your email - I was delighted to win the 100, and become a member of the Centenary Club! I was actually watching the game too, which was terribly exciting! The other players were all very happy for me, which was so nice - as I don't really know anyone in the rooms. thank you - I will keep trying my luck to win it again!!!"

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